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Counseling One Another

Treasure Chest of Audio Downloads Now Available!

The Summer Institute of the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (IBCD) has just made available, at no cost, the audio downloads of their training sessions. Wow! Here is a treasure chest waiting to be clicked open:

Loving Our Enemies by Grace – Julius Kim
Anger Mismanagement – Jim Newheiser
Living Under the Shadow of the Cross – John Sale
Drawing Out Idols of the Heart – Tom Maxham
When Homosexuality Invades Christian Marriage – Shannon McCoy
Gluttony, Diet, Fitness and Body Idolatry – Jim Newheiser
Reconciliation through Confrontation and Forgiveness – Eileen Scipione
History of the Biblical Counseling Movement – George Scipione
Discerning What a Counseling System Really Believes – Ernie Baker
Biblical Counseling and the Courts – Debbie Dewart
Your Written Word – Elyse Fitzpatrick
Counseling in Weakness – Caroline Newheiser
The Importance of the Local Church – George Scipione
Head, Hearts, Hands, Home: a Discipleship/Mentoring Model for the Church – Ernie Baker
Am I My Sister’s Keeper? – Elyse Fitzpatrick
Language that Transforms – Darrell Gustafson
Coming Out of Homosexuality (2 parts) – Tom Maxham
The Strategic Nature of Family Worship – Ernie Baker
Developing Care and Counseling in Your Church – Jim Newheiser
The Power of the Gospel in Resolving Conflict – John Sale

If any of these titles peak your interest then you can download them at no charge here.

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