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For more Resource Lists click on the category link below. Be sure to check out the 1000′s of free resources at the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s resource page[28].

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  1. Anger: Escaping the Maze:
  2. Anger Management [Puritan Pocketbook]:
  3. Anger & Stress Management God’s Way:
  4. Anger, Anxiety and Fear:
  5. Angry at God?:
  6. Angry Children:
  7. Family Feuds:
  8. Get Offa My Case: Parenting an Angry Teen:
  9. Good and Angry:
  10. HELP! I Want to Change:
  11. HELP! I’m In a Conflict:
  12. HELP! My Anger Is Out of Control:
  13. HELP! My Toddler Rules the House:
  14. How to Overcome Evil:
  15. Lies Women Believe:
  16. Living with an Angry Spouse:
  17. Respectable Sins:
  18. The Peacemaker:
  19. Trusting God: Even when Life Hurts:
  20. Uprooting Anger:
  21. What to do When Anger gets the Upper Hand:
  22. Handling Anger Biblically:
  23. Raising Kids without Raising Cain:
  24. Anger Mismanagement: Only Grace Transforms the Heart:
  25. Counseling Angry People:
  26. Counseling Parents that Provoke:
  27. Understanding & Redeeming Anger:
  28. Biblical Counseling Coalition’s resource page:
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