Counseling One Another

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Counseling One Another

September 16, 2013
by Paul Tautges
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Sinai Quaked

What is it that you need the Lord to do? What seems impossible due to your limited strength? Let me encourage you to spend time today reflecting on  Psalm 68. That’s the Psalm I have chosen for my own meditation … Continue reading

September 12, 2013
by Paul Tautges
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Interview with Steve Viars

Welcome to the eighth installment of our Journey to Biblical Counseling interviews with various pastors, teachers, trainers, authors, and leaders in the biblical counseling movement. What led them to biblical counseling? What were some of the influences the Lord used … Continue reading

September 11, 2013
by Paul Tautges
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NUGGETS [9/11/13]

Once a week, I have asked my friend and fellow biblical counselor, Jonathan Holmes, who is a voracious reader, to provide us with a list of some of his most interesting reading. Here are five more for the benefit of … Continue reading

September 9, 2013
by Paul Tautges
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His Robes for Mine

“Propitiation” is probably my most favorite biblical, theological word. Therefore, any hymn that would attempt to include it in its lyrics gets my attention. And any hymn writer who gets the word’s meaning correct and makes it work musically is … Continue reading

September 6, 2013
by Paul Tautges
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Sample Contracts for ‘Twixters,’ ‘Kippers’ and ‘Boomerang Kids’

“Social scientists have noticed that more young adults (those between eighteen and thirty years old) are putting off the responsibilities of adulthood. Adultolescence is the term that best describes this postponement of adulthood into the thirties. This phase is characterized … Continue reading