A Wonderful Sermon for the Depressed

by Paul Tautges | February 14, 2018 1:15 am

Yesterday morning, through my involvement in the training of another pastor who wants to be more effective in the personal ministry of the Word (counseling), I became aware of a wonderful sermon Ligon Duncan preached at Capitol Hills Baptist Church. In the afternoon, I was drawn to listen to it. The Holy Spirit used the Word to minister to my own heart and, therefore, I share it with you.

Too many Christians have a very narrow, simplistic view of depression (I once did). As a result, too many think that a godly, mature believer should not wrestle with deep despair of soul. To gently correct that silly (and very hurtful) conclusion, I direct you to Psalm 88, “no sadder Psalm,” and this wonderful sermon, In the Lowest Pit.[1]

Recommended mini-book: HELP! I’m Depressed[2]

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