A Few More Christmas Book Sales to Check Out

by Paul Tautges | November 23, 2018 4:01 pm

Here are more Christmas book sales you might want to check out.

Grace Books Online[1] – A large selection of LifeLine mini-books are ONLY $2/each! Be sure to check out their whole site.

Cumberland Valley Bible and Book Service[2] – For Christmas, CVBBS is offering FREE imprinting on Bibles and gift books. Also, an additional 10% off their already discounted prices on everything on their website.

WTS Books[3] – Check out the annual Christmas Gift Guide from Westminster Books.

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  1. Grace Books Online: https://www.gracebooksonline.com/collections/2-lifeline-help-booklet-special
  2. Cumberland Valley Bible and Book Service: http://www.cvbbs.com
  3. WTS Books: https://www.wtsbooks.com/seasonal/christmas/gift-guide
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