by Paul Tautges | July 13, 2011 3:37 pm

Other People’s Reviews of My Books

Brass Heavens

Counseling One Another 

Counsel Your Flock[5] 

Comfort those Who Grieve[6] (Now “Comfort the Grieving” from Zondervan)

Teach them to Pray[7]


LifeLine Mini-Books


My Reviews of Other Author’s Books are posted at the Biblical Counseling Coalition[16] site and Books At a Glance[17].

Note: I am not able to commit to any more reviews of new books at this time.

  1. Longing 4 Truth:
  2. Sojourners Between Worlds:
  3. Discerning Reader:
  4. Books At a Glance:
  5. Counsel Your Flock:
  6. Comfort those Who Grieve:
  7. Teach them to Pray:
  8. HELP! My Toddler Rules the House:
  9. HELP! I’m a Slave to Food:
  10. HELP! Someone I Love has Cancer:
  11. HELP! My Teen Is Rebellious:
  12. HELP! She’s Struggling with Pornography:
  13. HELP! I Can’t Get Motivated:
  14. HELP! I’m a Single Mom:
  15. Info on the whole series:
  16. Biblical Counseling Coalition:
  17. Books At a Glance:

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