Facing Depression (and anxiety) Together

by Paul Tautges | July 7, 2011 9:13 pm

[1]The other evening, in His kind providence, the Lord brought to me a gentle, empathetic counselor in the form of a small booklet that I had purchased at the Shepherds’ Conference[2] this past spring. Facing Depression Together, fromĀ Matthias Media[3], is a practical beginner’s guide not only for those who struggle with depression and anxiety (often together, thus the author’s use of “D&A”), but also for those who desire to come alongside to minister God’s truth and grace to them as they battle these soul maladies.

This booklet is divided into two parts. The first is for the person who is struggling to trust God in the midst of dark valleys and the second for those who would learn to be more helpful to those who struggle. Finally, the booklet ends with a very brief review of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s classic work, Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure[4], followed by a one-page discussion guide for use in small groups.

Facing Depression Together isĀ an honest look at the problem, primarily through the eyes of a fellow struggler, and helps us to renew our minds in a number of ways.

Some counsel for those who struggle

Some practical pointers for those who would be more effective helpers

Of course there is a time for words of exhortation (we counsel with words), but many times we may fail to dispense encouragement to the depressed person by means of grace-filled presence with them and faith-filled prayers for them. Then, when the timing is appropriate, we need to faithfully serve them with the biblical message of faith that they most need to hear and act upon.

One clarification needed

There are three sentences near the beginning of the booklet concerning how “our biochemistry and psychology affect each other” that could use further clarification. It seems to me that it would have been better to wait until the end of the first article, rather than the beginning, to encourage the depressed person to “seek medical help” or “a professional diagnosis.” Not only does this counsel jump out to the reader as being premature (before soul-related issues are addressed), but the author’s meaning of these terms remains unclear. Together, these two factors make this specific part of his counsel less helpful than it could have been had it been given some definition and qualification.

With that one caveat aside, I recommend you consider getting yourself a copy of this resource and ordering a few extras for fellow strugglers.

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