Nuggets for Counselors [8/19/11]

by Paul Tautges | August 19, 2011 12:14 pm

Here are a few more links that will encourage your personal growth, cultivate biblical thinking and discernment, and strengthen one-another ministry.

Backward Porn Addiction[1], by Rick Thomas, tackles the issue of modesty and exhorts Christian women to dress for the Lord’s gaze not to attract men.

When Disability Meets Adoption[2] is illustrated in this tear-jerking story. Thanks to Tim Challies to directing our attention to this link.

Parents, Ignore your Kids Feelings[3] – Ed Welch reminds us that to think biblically as we live in ever-changing culture of ideas.

Legal Issues in Counseling[4] – check out this important 5-part series of posts by Bob Kellemen.

One Question for Spouses[5] – Brian Croft wisely counsels husbands and wives to learn to encourage one another.

  1. Backward Porn Addiction:
  2. When Disability Meets Adoption:
  3. Parents, Ignore your Kids Feelings:
  4. Legal Issues in Counseling:
  5. One Question for Spouses:

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