Confession of a Busy Christian

by Paul Tautges | August 29, 2011 8:24 am

FATHER, forgive me. I’ve been so self-sufficient the past few years and have fallen away from the pattern of daily, scheduled prayer. Yes, I pray. Many times with intensity and focus and sometimes even fasting, but the habit of substantive prayer at a specific time and place has waned. I’ve finally realized, but have been too stubborn to admit, that a large part of the problem is that I’ve stretched the rubber band as far as it can go. I have filled my life with so much activity that the pressure of survival has squeezed out that which is most important.

Mary chose the best—to sit at Jesus’s feet—while Martha kept busy with activity (Luke 10:42). Martha’s ministry activity was not bad, nor her busyness sinful, but inferior—of lesser value than intimate fellowship and communication with, and adoration of, the Savior.

It is time, I know. It is time for radical readjustment of my life’s pursuits and priorities. It is time to take two steps back to re-evaluate what I want—what You want—the next 20 years of my life to look like, not in terms of accomplishments, goals, activities, etc. But in terms of the closeness of my walk with You, the depth of my trust in You, the extent of my resting in You, and the daily experience of Your empowering, sustaining, and accepting grace. Help me, Lord, help me, to sort out these matters with courage and biblical wisdom.

In the name—and dependent upon the grace—of Jesus Christ. AMEN.

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