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by Paul Tautges | September 15, 2011 12:41 pm

The latter half of this week, I’m teaching a 3-day module at my alma mater Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary[1] in Kansas City. Since my class did not begin until this afternoon my schedule was free to attend the undergrad chapel this morning. For memory sake I sat in the same pew where I usually sat 25 years ago (middle, right hand side). My how time flies! And how good God continues to be as I reflect on life since those blessed four years in the late 80s! In one sense they seem so long ago, but in another sense seem like yesterday. The chapel message stirred my heart as I realize how slack I am often times when it comes to evangelizing the lost around me.

Here are my raw notes taken right out of my Moleskine notebook.

9/15/11 – Calvary Bible College chapel

Speaker: Pastor Gregory Ealey, Paseo Baptist Church[2]

Text: Romans 1:14-17

The 1st century believers used the most effective evangelistic strategy ever. It’s called the teleperson (tell-a-person). There is a phrase that came from the Isthmian Games in Corinth: “He who has the light must pass it on.” Q: Am I passing the light on?

1. We must recognize our obligation to the masses (v. 14)

When I am looking at a people, I should not be able to help but tell them of Christ (like rescuing the drowning person).

“Greeks and to barbarians” = I must tell anyone and everyone

“wise & foolish” = people of every educational level

We are obligated. We owe everyone to give them the opportunity to hear the gospel.

We should be looking for someone to invade our comfort zone—someone who needs the gospel.

2. We must respond with an eagerness to preach the gospel (v.15)

An obligation should create urgency in my heart.

The gospel is for the unsaved and the saved. The gospel gives new hope to the unsaved. It gives the believer continued security.

3. We reveal the power of the Master and His message when we are not ashamed of the gospel (vv. 16-17)

What would make me ashamed of the gospel, the glorious message that saved my soul?

Would being more vocal about the gospel mess up my lifestyle, make me more accountable to the unbelievers around me who are watching?

Paul says, “I am NOT ashamed!”

The gospel contains the righteousness of God, the message of Christ’s imputed righteousness. Like the winter snow covers my dry, ugly lawn, so the righteousness of Jesus has been wrapped around us and hides our sin. God sees us as beautiful, perfect in Christ.

Who is dying w/o knowledge of the way to heaven because I am not throwing him the rope?

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