Equipping Counselors for Your Church

by Paul Tautges | October 31, 2011 11:15 am

[1]“For my life, I have pictured [the purpose of my ministry] with one word: Coach. I am writing this book because the passion of my life is to coach people to coach others,” writes Bob Kellemen, and he does not disappoint. Combining pastoral experience from three very different churches, with a long tenure as a seminary professor and church consultant, makes him the ideal man to write this book. Equipping Counselors for Your Church[2]  is a valuable contribution to biblical counseling literature and church leadership resources.

A Call to Other-centered Equipping – Kellemen introduces his ministry philosophy by comparing two TV show hosts that once dominated the airwaves, Milton Berle (a one-man show) and Ed Sullivan (one who called other people to center stage). He then pulls no punches when he asks church leaders if we are like Berle or like Sullivan. “If we are like Milton Berle, and the spotlight increasingly focuses on us and our individual ministry, then biblically we are missing God’s mark as equippers. If we fail to focus on equipping, then we selfishly treat God‘s people like children who have never grown up spiritually. God wants us to be like Ed Sullivan—a host who calls others to center stage by equipping them to fulfill their calling. When we focus on equipping, we leave an other-centered legacy of loving leaders.”

Six Qualities of the Book

One Negative Reaction & One Regret – The only negative reaction that I had while reading was that in some places the book could be leaner, a bit more edited/trimmed (coming in at 368 pages), but this reaction was minor. The only regret I had was that the book had not been published earlier. It exposed my own lack of effectiveness at developing a concrete, measurable equipping strategy for our church. Thankfully, my feelings of “Where were you 20 years ago, Bob?!” were eventually overcome by a renewed fervor to re-evaluate our strategy and re-work it in a more intentional manner. And this book will be by my side when doing so. Equipping Counselors for Your Church[2] is like having a personal conversation with a private consultant who is committed to coming alongside church leaders—walking step-by-step and hand-in-hand—to equip us to empower the Body of Christ toward biblical, one-another ministry that progressively moves believers toward Christlikeness. I highly recommend it!

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