5 BCC Interviews with Counseling Mini-Book Authors

by Paul Tautges | November 2, 2011 1:38 pm

Be sure to read these interviews with authors of vital counseling resources at the Biblical Counseling Coalition website:

HELP! My Teen Struggles with Same-Sex Attractions[1] by Ben Marshall

HELP! I’m a Slave to Food[2] by Shannon McCoy

HELP! My Teen Is Rebellious[3] by Dave & Judi Coats

HELP! She’s Struggling with Pornography[4] by Rachel Coyle

  1. HELP! My Teen Struggles with Same-Sex Attractions: http://www.shepherdpress.com/product/my-teen-struggles-with-same-sex-attractions/
  2. HELP! I’m a Slave to Food: http://biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/books/interview/help-im-a-slave-to-food
  3. HELP! My Teen Is Rebellious: http://biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/books/interview/help-my-teen-is-rebellious
  4. HELP! She’s Struggling with Pornography: http://biblicalcounselingcoalition.org/books/interview/help-shes-struggling-with-pornography

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