DADs 2:3 – The Worth of a Homemaker

by Paul Tautges | February 4, 2012 8:52 am

Matt Smethurst has posted an interesting article, “How Much Is a Homemaker Worth?” Guys, it’s pretty obvious we could never afford to hire our wives! He writes:

The Story: A study conducted by the financial service company Investopedia found that the sum value of different homemaking duties annually amounts to almost six figures. If a homemaker’s job were salaried, it would draw, on average, $96,291 per year. Tasks accounted for in the study included private chef, house cleaner, child care provider, driver, and laundry service provider.

The Background: There’s no escaping the fact that contemporary society often scoffs at stay-at-home moms. “This isn’t the 1950s anymore,” the thinking goes. “Why in the world would someone want to be imprisoned in her own home?” The common idea, of course, is that many responsibilities on the home front should be outsourced, thus releasing moms from domestic shackles to realize their vocational dreams. While such a mindset isn’t automatically wrongheaded in every case, it can frequently betray a prioritization that is biblically questionable.

Why does this matter? Read the rest here[1].


Here’s a handful of excellent books for Christian women:

God’s High Calling for Women [2]by John MacArthur

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