Six Categories in Proverbs

by Paul Tautges | October 3, 2012 10:26 am

The book of Proverbs contains abundant wisdom from God, primarily through King Solomon’s instruction to his son. The other authors include Agur (Ch. 30) and King Lemuel (Ch. 31). Yesterday, in one of the plenary sessions at the ACBC annual conference, my good friend Lance Quinn[1] preached a great sermon on the value of Proverbs in our lives and our ministry to one another.

Here is Lance’s 6-part summary of the book of Proverbs, which will aid us in our study, interpretation, and use of this rich book of God’s wisdom.

  1. Listening to Lady Wisdom vs. Madame Folly (Ch. 1-9)
  2. Short Sayings for a Long Life (Ch. 10-22:16)
  3. Admonitions & Warnings (Ch. 22:17-24:34)
  4. Comparisons & Contrasts between Godly and the Ungodly (Ch. 25-29)
  5. Knowledge of God & His World (Ch. 30)
  6. Advice for Leaders & Ladies (Ch. 31).

For further study of Proverbs, I recommend: Opening Up Proverbs[2] and Proverbs: A Mentor Commentary[3]

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