Men Counseling Men

by Paul Tautges | March 11, 2013 9:53 am

While at the Shepherds’ Conference last week, I became aware of a new biblical counseling resource, Men Counseling Men[1] . Edited by John Street, chair of the MABC program at The Master’s College[2]. The book’s subtitle is “A Biblical Guide to the Major Issues Men Face.” I have not had time to do anything more than peruse the table of contents, but here’s what the publisher says about this new book:

Under the guidance of John MacArthur, the biblical counseling program at The Master’s College has received international acclaim, with instructors who are recognized for their exceptional ability to apply God’s truth to real-life problems.

Men Counseling Men is an exciting new resource on how to counsel men about the difficulties they face. Written by the school’s faculty members, it is an accessible, practical volume that will equip both trained professionals and lay people to provide solidly biblical help for men who are struggling with a variety of major life issues. Readers will learn how they can offer hope and encouragement in relation to…

God’s Word possesses incredible power. This book will help men experience that power as they turn to the Lord for help

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