NUGGETS – Christ-Centered Ministry to Victims of Abuse [3/27/13]

by Paul Tautges | March 27, 2013 11:59 am

The crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reminds us that He is the ultimate refuge for those who have experienced, or are experiencing, any form of abuse. Here are some links to resources and ministries that provide Christ-centered help.

Glenda’s Story[1] is an old gem. It is an autobiography by Glenda Revell, whom I first heard in the 80’s when Elisabeth Elliot interviewed her on the radio.

Helping Abuse Survivors Trust Christ[2] is an audio message from Laura Hendrickson. Laura also wrote ‘Mariana’ and Surviving Sexual Abuse[3], a chapter in “Counseling the Hard Cases,” edited by Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert.

How Can the Church Minister to Victims of Sexual Abuse?[4] – video from Julie Lowe and CCEF.

Other Resources – Here is a list I put together last year.

  1. Glenda’s Story:
  2. Helping Abuse Survivors Trust Christ:
  3. ‘Mariana’ and Surviving Sexual Abuse:
  4. How Can the Church Minister to Victims of Sexual Abuse?:

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