by Paul Tautges | April 11, 2013 10:40 am

Here are a number of resources that will help us grow in ministering God’s grace and truth…




If you know of other helpful resources please contact me[25]. I would be glad to consider adding them to this resource page.

“Grief & Dying” Resource Page

  1. Assessing and Counseling a Person with Suicidal Thoughts:
  2. Gaining a Hopeful Spirit:
  3. Grieving a Suicide:
  4. HELP! I Feel Ashamed:
  5. HELP! I’m Depressed:
  6. HELP! I Want to Change:
  7. HELP! My Friend Is Suicidal :
  8. HELP! Someone I Love Died by Suicide:
  9. I Just Want to Die:
  10. Life After the Suicide of a Loved One:
  11. Making Sense of the Suicide of a Christian:
  12. Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong:
  13. Suicide: Understanding & Intervening:
  14. When You Can’t Fix What’s Broken:
  15. Can One Who Commits Suicide Be Saved?:
  16. Do People Who Commit Suicide Go to Heaven?:
  17. Funeral Meditation for a Christian Who Committed Suicide:
  18. Suicide Assessment Tool:
  19. Suicide in the Church:
  20. Suicide, Salvation, and Eternal Security:
  21. The Law & Counseling Pt 2 – Legal History and Climate:
  22. Dealing with Suicide:
  23. How to Counsel the Suicidal :
  24. Taking People Seriously:
  25. contact me:

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