NUGGETS [5/23/13]

by Paul Tautges | May 23, 2013 11:35 am

All the Lonely People[1] – On the increase of suicide in the USA: “As Americans commit fewer and fewer crimes against other people’s lives and property, they have become more likely to inflict fatal violence on themselves.” O, how we as Christians need to understand the value and significance of true community!

5 Ways We Grow[2] – “Here are five things that are true of fruit trees and, therefore, true of the fruit of the Spirit.”

Thoughts on Christian Patriotism[3] – “Christians should not turn a cold heart away from their nation. In fact, celebrations like those of Independence Day provide a good start for developing a Christian patriotism…. So maybe Christians can be patriots after all! Indeed, we can be, and we should celebrate our national heritage with thanks to God and with prayers for renewed faith and needed repentance.”

3 Obstacles to Grace-Filled Community[4] – “We frequently discuss and confess the “Christian sins” like not reading our Bible for an hour every day, or forgetting to pray for the candy bar we ate on the way home from work. The reality is, we are messy people, living messy lives, in desperate need of a grace that cleans up messes!”

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