His Robes for Mine

by Paul Tautges | September 9, 2013 7:31 am

“Propitiation” is probably my most favorite biblical, theological word. Therefore, any hymn that would attempt to include it in its lyrics gets my attention. And any hymn writer who gets the word’s meaning correct and makes it work musically is worthy of our notice. Therefore, I am excited about the new Chris Anderson hymn that we introduced to our congregation yesterday morning.

His Robes for Mine[1] teaches the substitutionary atonement of Christ, through which our Savior bore away God’s wrath from us, and the gift of righteousness by His grace. I don’t know Anderson from Adam, but one thing is pretty obvious from his songs that we’ve learned so far: He must be a man who believes in the priority of congregational involvement in worship. From a pastoral perspective, having great lyrics is not good enough if the song is also not simple enough for any church member to learn. But His Robes for Mine is both.

Consider the depth and richness of the lyrics and then listen to an audio rendition.

His robes for mine: O wonderful exchange!
Clothed in my sin, Christ suffered ‘neath God’s rage.
Draped in His righteousness, I’m justified.
In Christ I live, for in my place He died.

I cling to Christ, and marvel at the cost:
Jesus forsaken, God estranged from God.
Bought by such love, my life is not my own.
My praise-my all-shall be for Christ alone.

His robes for mine: what cause have I for dread?
God’s daunting Law Christ mastered in my stead.
Faultless I stand with righteous works not mine,
Saved by my Lord’s vicarious death and life.

His robes for mine: God’s justice is appeased.
Jesus is crushed, and thus the Father’s pleased.
Christ drank God’s wrath on sin, then cried “‘Tis done!”
Sin’s wage is paid; propitiation won.

His robes for mine: such anguish none can know.
Christ, God’s beloved, condemned as though His foe.
He, as though I, accursed and left alone;
I, as though He, embraced and welcomed home!

[2013, Church Works Media].

Listen to the simply melody here[2].

Also, check out the Church Works Media website[3] where you will find all music is a free gift to local churches.

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