NUGGETS [9/19/13]

by Paul Tautges | September 19, 2013 11:11 am

Here are 5 articles I encourage you to read:

Why Men Have Stopped Singing in Church[1] – “Men are doers, and singing was one of the things we used to do together in church. It was a chance to participate. Now, with congregational singing going away, and communion no longer a weekly ordinance, there’s only one avenue left for men to participate in the service – the offering. Is this really the message we want to send to men? Sit there, be quiet, and enjoy the show. And don’t forget to give us money.

Wanting to Be Noticed[2] – “Stunning as it has been, though, the triumph of immodesty and hyper-sexuality is not itself the root problem. Instead, these problems are symptomatic of a more serious one: the problem of celebrity.”

Don’t Segregate the Youth[3] – “Many voices insist actions speak louder than words. What, then, are we communicating to our youth about the church when every time we gather, they go to their own room for a separate program?”

Can Evangelical Chaplains Serve God and Country?[4] – “Can chaplains committed to historic biblical Christianity serve in the United States military? That question, though inconceivable to our nation’s founders, is now front and center.”

One of the Twelve[5] – “Marty was a Navy man, and had retired earlier this year. He had risen through the ranks, and yet was also fully devoted to life at church. As news of his murder broke, the most common comment I heard was, ‘Marty was my girl’s Sunday school teacher.'”

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