Freedom from Pornography (for men)

by Paul Tautges | July 4, 2014 9:21 am

Earlier this week, Brian Croft’s excellent little book HELP! He’s Struggling with Pornography[1] was released in eBook format as part of Shepherd Press’ new line, LifeLine mini-books[2]. In the “Personal Application Projects” portion of the mini-book, Croft gives specific ways men struggling with lust must Put Off Sin (lies) and Put On Christ (truths).He's Struggling Porn - SMALL EMAIL SIZE[3]

PUT OFF SIN: Common Lies Men Believe in Times of Temptation

PUT ON CHRIST: Truths Men Must Believe in Times of Temptation

Get a copy of this excellent mini-book for $1.99 from Amazon[4] or Shepherd Press[5].

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