Counseling and the Local Church

by Paul Tautges | October 15, 2015 7:41 am

How can your church become a place to grow in grace? The newest collaborative book from the Biblical Counseling Coalition, Biblical Counseling and the Church[1], equips your congregation to be a family where every member is empowered to speak the truth in love so your entire church matures in Christ. Dozens of authors practically and relevantly describe the relationship between counseling and the local church.

This comprehensive resource helps pastors, lay leaders, educators, and counselors develop a vision that goes beyond being a church with a biblical counseling ministry to becoming a church of biblical counseling—a church culture that is saturated by one-another ministry. I’m honored to have been part of this important project.

Why You Should Read this New Book

What would it be like to attend a week-long seminar with nearly 3 dozen leaders in the biblical counseling movement and “pick their brains and hear their hearts” about how one-another ministry could be saturated into the life of your congregation? And, what would it be like to have that seminar cost less than one $20 bill? That’s what you receive in Biblical Counseling and the Church—cutting-edge, best-practice, biblically-focused, gospel-centered wisdom equipping you and your congregation to share God’s care through God’s people.

Be equipped through these empowering chapters:

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