14 Steps to Financial Freedom

by Paul Tautges | July 11, 2017 10:38 pm

This past weekend, Jim Rickard from Stewardship Services Foundation taught four times at our church. Here’s a quick bullet point list from his workshop on financial freedom. The 38-minute audio file is here[1] (If you are a Firefox user and have trouble with the download, try Chrome of IE).

  1. Give God a chance first.
  2. Learn to save money.
  3. Learn to spend less than you earn.
  4. Don’t finance pleasure items.
  5. Have cash in an emergency fund.
  6. Control your credit cards.
  7. Have adequate life insurance to protect your family.
  8. Be self-insured for life insurance by age 65 or retirement.
  9. Have retirement plan in progress by age 40.
  10. Own your home by age 65 or retirement.
  11. Have a workable budget – the keys are discipline and control.
  12. There is a difference between debt and obligations.
  13. Understand the tax law as it applies to you.
  14. Have an estate plan that includes a will and/or living trust.

Use these principles to develop a financial plan for your life. To learn more about the ministry of the Stewardship Services Foundation, check out their website[2].

RECOMMENDED MINI-BOOK: HELP! I’m Drowning in Debt[3]

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  2. website: http://www.ssfoundation.net
  3. HELP! I’m Drowning in Debt: https://www.biblicalcounselingbooks.com/products/help-i-m-drowning-in-debt

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