Seven Words that Shed Light on the Ministry of the Word

by Paul Tautges | May 8, 2018 8:34 am

Last evening, I was so blessed by a message from the first chapter of Jeremiah preached by Christopher Ash at this year’s Basics conference. Drawing from God’s call to Jeremiah to be His mouthpiece to Israel, Christopher drew attention to seven words that shed light on the ministry of the Word.

  1. Unpromising – On the face of it, the ministry of the Word is unlikely to succeed because of the power of evil.
  2. Paradoxical – The ministry of the Word is paradoxical because of the weakness of the strange instrument chosen to speak it.
  3. Intimate – The ministry of the Word requires Spirit-guided meditation on the Scriptures through which God intimately speaks to his servant.
  4. Destructive – Before it can be constructive, the Word must destroy faulty thinking and idols.
  5. Guaranteed – Success is eventually guaranteed—in the end—because the Lord watches over His Word to fulfill it.
  6. Sobering – The ministry of the Word is not light and slap-happy, but concerns serious realities.
  7. Dangerously safe – There is safety in the ministry of the Word, as God watches over His faithful servants.

If you are involved in the ministry of the Word at any level, and in any manner, you should listen to this message here[1].

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