5 Tips for Parenting in a Screen-Saturated World

by Paul Tautges | August 6, 2018 6:24 am

“Living in a screen-saturated world means our use of screens can either help us or hinder us in our call to love God and others.” So writes Eliza Huie in the Introduction to her latest book, Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World.[1] She continues, “We must also consider how we use our freedoms with technology to serve one another. This book will assist you to walk better with your kids in this most crucial area of parenting. In writing these tips I don’t claim to have figured it all out. Far from that, I write as one who desires to maintain a balance in my own life and family. I write from my own experience in parenting and also from many conversations with wise parents trying to raise children in a world dominated by the magnetic pull of technology. With this in mind let’s begin to explore what it looks like to raise kids in a screen-saturated world.”

In five chapters, she gives five tips to help us parent in this screen-saturated world. Her advice is biblical, practical, and non-judgmental as she explores how we can use our access to technology to help ourselves and our kids grow in love for God and service to one another.

This is a quick, easy read for every parent. If screens have taken over your life, and the lives of your children, read and apply the counsel in this little book.

Here’s my endorsement: “Timely, discerning, and balanced. Eliza Huie provides parents with a reliable compass for navigating wisely in this digital age.”

**If your church has a bookstore, be sure to check out the ridiculously good bundle prices at the 10 of Those website[2].

My contribution to this parenting series is called Raising Kids in a ‘You Can Do It! World”[3] and will be released in November.

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