How to Walk into Church

by Paul Tautges | October 19, 2019 6:50 am

“I suppose it must have happened upwards of 2000 times by now. I exit the car, usually with a wife and various kids in tow, and amble in the front door, tossing off a quick greeting to whomever is handing out the folded sheets of paper that in church-speak are called ‘bulletins.’ After a quick scan of the seating situation—who has already parked themselves where, who I might want to avoid and so on—I choose a spot not too near the front and sidle into the chosen row, smiling feebly at the person sitting on the other side of the seat that I’ve politely left vacant between us. And there it is. I’ve walked into church.”

So begins Tony Payne’s really helpful little book, How to Walk into Church[1]. Using the imagery of walking, Tony provides valuable instruction to believers in seven tiny chapters.

  1. How to walk into church.
  2. What is this thing we call ‘church’?
  3. Why am I walking into church?
  4. Before I walk into church.
  5. After I walk into church.
  6. When church finished but doesn’t.
  7. How to walk out of church.

In this blog post, I will simply highlight a few key thoughts.

Pray about where to sit.

In the first chapter, Tony admonishes us to walk into church praying about where to sit. He gives two reasons.

Know why you are walking into church.

Some people view the church as an impediment to the Christian life, but the growing believer understands differently.

How to Walk into Church[1] is part of the Brief Books series from Matthias Media. The “worship experience” of every believer will be enriched by reading and applying Tony’s counsel. Churches would be strengthened by giving a copy of this little book to every member family.

[This article was originally published August 9, 2017.]

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