3 Podcast Interviews that Parents & Grandparents Should Listen to this Week

by Paul Tautges | November 13, 2019 2:03 pm

How to Talk to Your Depressed Child[1] – I enjoyed listening to this radio interview with Christine Chappell, author of the forthcoming mini-book HELP! My Teen Is Depressed (coming March 2020).

Parenting and the Bullied Child[2] – On this Truth in Love podcast episode, Tim Keeter addresses the issue of bullying, specifically how to disciple our children through this common experience. Tim is the author of the newly-released HELP! My Child Is Being Bullied[3].

HOPE + HELP for Raising Young Children[4] – This is an excellent discussion with Sam Crabtree on the subject of parenting the hearts of our children.

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  3. HELP! My Child Is Being Bullied: https://www.shepherdpress.com/products/help-my-child-is-being-bullied/
  4. HOPE + HELP for Raising Young Children: http://www.faithfulsparrow.com/the-hope-help-project/loving-correction-sam-crabtree/

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