by Paul Tautges | December 24, 2020 2:08 am

When Christmas Isn’t Merry and Bright[1] – Christmas is not joyous for everyone. For some, the Christmas season brings grief or stress or numbness, which no amount of eggnog or carol singing can overcome. Family tensions, tragic memories, personal sin or even the shortening of daylight hours can make Christmas one of the most difficult times of the year for many.

What Are You Waiting For?[2] – For the believer, waiting is not a random act of rotating planets, but a direct and intentional time set by a sovereign God. God works for those who wait for Him. Waiting is a vital virtue of the Christian life and if we are struggling in our wait, we need to find out what is happening in our heart. We can begin by asking, “What is most important to me?”

5 Common Ways Church Members Go Astray[3] – Though directed at church elders, this article gives a healthy nudge to every church member.

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