RESOURCES: Parenting Prodigal Children

by Paul Tautges | January 23, 2021 5:54 am

Here’s another recommended Resource List as you minister grace and truth. There are many more list links in the right-hand margin of this homepage.




  1. Come Back, Barbara: A Father’s Pursuit of a Prodigal Daughter:
  2. From Heartbroken to Hopeful: Gospel Hope for Parents with Prodigals:
  3. It’s Not Too Late: Restoring Broken Relationships with Teenage and Adult Children:
  4. Lament for a Father: The Journey to Understanding and Forgiveness:
  5. Letting Go: Rugged Love for Wayward Souls:
  6. Midnight Mercies: Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood:
  7. Mom Guilt: Escaping its Strong Hold:
  8. Prayers of a Parent for Adult Children:
  9. Prodigal Children: Hope and Help for Parents:
  10. The Painful Path of the Prodigal:
  11. Wayward Children: Finding Peace, Keeping Hope, 31-day devotional:
  12. When Good Kids Make Bad Choices:
  13. PART 1: The Silent Pain and Secret Shame In Our Churches:
  14. PART 2: Why Do Some Children Become Prodigals?:
  15. PART 3: Seven Recommendations for Parents of Prodigal Children:
  16. PART 4: Promises for Parents of Prodigals – Romans 8:18-31:
  17. A Biblical Theology of Prodigality:
  18. Video here.:
  19. A Model for Hurting Parents:
  20. Believing for Our Prodigals:

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