RESOURCES: Abortion (Post-Abortive Help)

by Paul Tautges | October 10, 2021 6:40 pm

Here’s another recommended Resource List as you minister grace and truth. There are many more list links in the right-hand margin of this homepage.




  1. Healing after Abortion: God’s Mercy Is for You:
  2. HELP! I Feel Ashamed:
  3. If I Could Speak: Letters from the Womb:
  4. Living in His Forgiveness:
  5. Counseling Men Who Have Had an Abortion:
  6. Forgiveness After an Abortion:
  7. Hope and Healing for those Hurting from Abortion:
  8. Hope after an Abortion:
  9. Resources from ACBC:
  10. Resources from CCEF:
  11. Showing Christ’s Love When the Burden Is Abortion:

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