Manliness for Every Husband (Ed Welch)

by Paul Tautges | September 20, 2022 11:08 am

A recent article in the Journal of Biblical Counseling helped, convicted, and gently counseled me. In this post, I summarize it briefly, using Ed Welch’s own words. But I also encourage you to consider purchasing the entire article here[1] (only $1.99). I believe you will be helped immensely. If you are a JBC subscriber, like I am, then you can download it at no extra charge.

Ed Welch begins his article with this question: “What does it mean to be a Christian man?” Then he proceeds to share how his personal experience influences his understanding of what it means to be a husband. Nevertheless, Welch does his best to set personal experience aside and take a fresh look at portions of Scripture that are often overlooked when we think about the role of the Christian husband.

Kings, Priests, and a God Who Invites

What does creation suggest about who God is and how he reveals himself? Our purpose is to notice what forms authority and power take in the very beginning.

Men Who Keep Watch and Pray

“The New Testament looks to a Person more than a role when considering the contours of being a man. Jesus is the Human, the Man.” Welch continues, “I will follow how Jesus refines men’s particular priestly and royal duties through the roles of pastor and husband.”

The Way of Manliness

God calls all of us to imitate him in our relationships. Within that general call, husbands are to care for the souls of their wives. This is manliness. The calling is an ancient one, though the gift of the Spirit has certainly raised its profile because now we are actually equipped for the role, especially as intercessors. Drawing from Scripture, here are some practical ways to be a manly husband.

What Does It Mean to Be a Manly Husband?

Every husband will work out the details of their roles and callings in a distinct way. God prefers diversity in his creation and among his people… We are to invite more than direct, and “care for” more than conquer because partnering and compassion are prominent in God’s revelation of himself (Ex 34:6), and we want to grow in both… To follow God, husbands are students of the kind of words that honor and bless others. We strive to be that childlike servant: a child who knows he is dependent and needs help. And a servant who has clarity in his mission to love, and who does not preoccupy himself with matters of personal reputation. And, of course, we learn to pray for others.

*If this very brief summary has been a help to you, I urge you to purchase the entire article here[1] (only $1.99). Also, if you are not a JBC subscriber[2], consider making this investment in your growth in both grace and truth.

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