CoRE Conference 2023: Greenville, SC

by Paul Tautges | November 22, 2022 1:42 pm

“Who Am I? – The Contemporary Assault on Personhood” is the theme for BJU Seminary’s annual CoRE Conference, January 30-February 1, 2023.

“In the beginning, God created … .” And He created all things perfectly — including man and woman, giving them value, dignity, and the purpose of glorifying Him. Then sin entered the world and damaged God’s image in man, but it did not damage the value of persons made in His image.

Now God’s design for personhood is under assault. Everywhere we see extreme expressions of self-identification and self-worship, such as devaluing unborn children, childhood, gender, sexuality, ethnic differences, the disabled, and the elderly.

Join us as we go back to “the beginning” to strengthen our understanding of the theology, implications, and applications of personhood regarding who we are created at conception and who we are recreated in Christ.

I’m honored to be one of the speakers at this timely conference. For more information and to register, click here.[1]

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