Counseling One Another

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Counseling One Another

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  1. We forgive because Christ has forgiven us. Unless we are a Muslim, then we are duty bound to go after the offender.

  2. This was extremely helpful. I think most of us forget that no matter what, no matter the circumstance, no matter how many times someone has offended us, we must still choose to forgive; and choose to love them as we love ourselves. Thank you for the resources!

  3. I read Rick Thomas’ short and extremely powerful article, “Who Pays for Your Spouse’s Sin: Christ or Your Spouse?” It was a simple, yet profound application of the Gospel to the arguments and spats that husbands and wives get into from time to time. I won’t be the same after reading that article, I hope that I will become a husband who does not try to make my wife pay when I am wronged by angrily responding to her (hoping that she “pays” for it in some way). I need to proclaim the Gospel to my heart throughout the day so that I will let God be God, who has forgiven my wife through Christ’s completely sufficient sacrifice.