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Counseling One Another

Building a Church Counseling Ministry

It is exciting to make you aware of a brand new resource that has just been publicly released here at the NANC annual conference in Indianapolis. My friend and sister in Christ, Sue Nicewander, has authored a unique and very important resource: Building a Church Counseling Ministry…without Killing the Pastor. Sue is the director of Biblical Counseling Ministries, a unique multi-church counseling center in my home state of Wisconsin. Here are two recommendations of this work.

“This book presents a wonderful vision for cooperation by local churches of like mind in helping people through the Word of God. The author is very practical and incredibly thorough. She thinks of everything! If you are involved in a biblical counseling ministry, or if you are considering starting one, you will greatly benefit from this book. “ – Dr. Jim Newheiser, NANC Fellow, Pastor, Author, Director of IBCD

“This book is much needed. BCM has proven through hard work and careful development that their model works. I trust it can soon be on the shelves of many churches.” Dr. Tom Zempel, NANC Fellow, Pastor of Care Ministries at Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC.

To order a copy, email Jim Holmes at Day One:

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  1. I could see this vision for a cooperative counseling ministry working in my small town. With most churches with only one staff person/pastor, many of those being bi-vocational, the need for some kind of counseling that is biblical is great. There is a Christian counselor who comes to our town on a weekly basis, but this is part of the “professionalization” problem. The pastors and godly lay-people of our churches could be a light to our community through a counseling ministry. I am interested in checking this book out.

  2. The link leads to the bookstore but the book is not displayed. I would like to purchase the book. Can you tell me if the book is released yet? Thank you.

  3. This is so needed in churches today. Definitely a resource I will be looking into! I hope to see more churches using biblical counseling in their ministry.