Counseling One Another

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Counseling One Another


Here’s a description of the books the Lord has given me the privilege to write in full or contribute to as co-author. Each book grew out of a commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us—from the inside out—and a desire to help you grow.

A Small Book for the Hurting Heart

Paul Tautges

COMING MARCH 9, 2020 - Grief may threaten to overtake us or destroy our joy. In this powerful devotional book, men and women will see Jesus, the Man of Sorrows, who is well-acquainted with grief and sadness. In fifty brief readings, your hurting heart will find spiritual help, encouragement, and healing as you experience the comfort of God.

ANXIETY: Knowing God’s Peace

Paul Tautges

COMING OCTOBER 1, 2019 - Whether you experience nagging worry or debilitating panic, God’s Word offers hope and help. This 31-day devotional delves deeply, but gently, into the heart of fear and unbelief, using daily readings, reflection questions, and practical application to fuel the faith that strengthens inner security and peace.

God’s Mercy in Our Suffering

Eric Kress & Paul Tautges

No matter what kind of suffering you face, there is life-giving hope that springs forth from our merciful God. In his loyal love and faithfulness God comes alongside us in our suffering in order to strengthen our faith, purify our lives, and heal our hearts by centering us on Christ and the good news of the gospel.

Overcoming Depression [WORKBOOK]

Paul Tautges

We are always body and soul together. Therefore, every emotional struggle we experience includes a spiritual element. Therefore, we need help and encouragement from the Scriptures. This Bible study guide and workbook is a devotional look at a portion of Psalm 119, and a guide to personal application

Raising Kids in a “You Can Do It!” World

Paul Tautges

It can be difficult to know how we can encourage and build up our children while also teaching them that they are sinners in need of grace. An experienced pastor and father of ten helps us navigate through 8 helpful signposts. Suggestions for prayer and questions to aid discussion with your children will help apply its principles.

Discipling the Flock

Paul Tautges

This is a short book to help you bring about heart-based change in the lives of people through the personal ministry of the Word. Here is an urgent appeal to return to authentic discipleship, a call to shepherds to be tenacious in their preaching and tender in their application of the Word to the lives of God’s sheep through their personal ministry.

Pray About Everything

Paul Tautges

What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? How do I pray for my non-Christian friends? When does the Holy Spirit pray for me? In this book, a seasoned pastor and counselor answers these questions—and many more—by effectively instructing us with biblical principles, examples, and commands.

Delight in the Word – 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Paul Tautges

Drop your roots down into the cool water of the where the wellspring of life shoots forth. In forty, brief, Scripture meditations, you'll learn how to make the Word of God your joy, and abide in its counsel. As a result, your love for God's truth will grow--yielding stability, consistent obedience, and fruitfulness in all you do.

Counseling One Another: A Theology of Inter-Personal Discipleship

Paul Tautges

Counseling is not primarily the work of the professional. Solidly rooted in the belief that the Scriptures are sufficient for every soul-related struggle in life, and totally committed to the truth that the Holy Spirit is competent to accomplish the work of sanctification, this paradigm-shifting book will challenge every believer.

Comfort the Grieving: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Loss

Paul Tautges

Until the end of time, when the curse of sin is finally removed, suffering will be a large part of the human experience and a large part of that suffering will be walking through the painful reality of death. Those who care for others should seek to offer wise and biblical counsel on these precious and painful occasions.

Brass Heavens: Reasons for Unanswered Prayer

Paul Tautges

Does it ever seem like God is not listening? Scripture offers six clear reasons why your prayers may go unanswered. As we examine these causes of unanswered prayer, we discover the biblical means by which we may open God’s ears to our voice once again.

Biblical Counseling and the Church: God’s Care through God’s People

Paul Tripp, Bob Kellemen, Kevin Carson, Paul Tautges

As people face addictions, deal with loss and grief, and seek help in restoring broken relationships, where can they turn for counsel and assistance? The local church has been uniquely blessed with the gift of the gospel and is able to offer hope and counsel that no other institution on earth can.

Scripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World

Albert Mohler, Bob Kellemen, Jeff Forrey, Paul Tautges

Today we face a tremendous weakening of confidence in the Bible. This is just as true for the pastor offering counsel in his office as it is for the person in the pew talking with a struggling friend at Starbucks or the small group leader who is unsure of what to say to a hurting group member.

Discipline of Mercy (Hope and Help from Lamentations)

Paul Tautges & Eric Kress

In The Discipline of Mercy, pastors and counselors Eric Kress and Paul Tautges take us deep into the book of Lamentations where we are exhorted to place our hope fully in the faithful mercy and loyal love of a gracious God—no matter the extent of our suffering.

Practical Shepherding Complete Set (7 books)

Brian Croft, Paul Tautges

The Practical Shepherding Complete Set includes everything you need to be equipped to lead and serve in all aspects of your ministry. These seven volumes will give you clear and practical direction to lead and serve those you are ministering to. Each volume will provide easy-to-follow steps to help you better serve your flock in the different aspects of ministry.

Delight in the Word: Biblical Counsel for Everyday Issues

Paul Tautges

Believers need wise biblical counsel to navigate today's perplexing society. Demonstrating the sufficiency of Scripture to aid in decision-making and answer the deepest cry of the heart, forty fresh pastoral "letters" offer contemporary perspectives and promote spiritual growth.

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