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Counseling One Another

Nuggets…on Food & Obesity [12/17/11]

Yes, I know Christmas and New Year’s may not be the best time to think about these subjects, but…Oh well…

Weighs to Fight Childhood Obesity – Two specialists at one of our state’s finest medical facilities, Marshfield Clinic, present a 30-minute video about strategies families can take to help fight the increasing population of children that are considered obese or borderline obese.

HELP! I’m a Slave to Food – Biblical counselor and author Shannon McCoy writes, “First, my interest in this topic is very personal. There have been times in my life when I felt I was a slave to food. I tried to use food as a balm for unwanted emotions and to distract me from undesirable responsibilities. It brought a false sense of pleasure and satisfaction, only to end in confusion and betrayal. Then I discovered God’s empowering grace and I am now walking victoriously in the words of Jesus that “life is more than food” (Luke 12:23)…

Why Sitting Down is Killing You (and making us fat) – Since reading this over a week ago I’ve been looking for a good woodworking plan for a stand-up desk. If you know of one please email me. I stole this link from David Murray at 

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid Tool – Cool!

It just occurred to me that it might be a bit ironic that I ate an amazing, thickly white-frosted cinnamon roll while I typed this list. I was feeling so good about having lost 10 pounds that I rewarded myself. Wise? Probably not.

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  1. They aren’t cheap, but we recently got these standing desks at work: They go up and down so you can stand or sit and have proper posture while doing both.

    I love mine and stand for ~6 hours of my day, Raquel thinks I’m crazy, but I really enjoy it.

    Before we got the desks a few people did put their desks up on cinder blocks to see whether they’d like a standing desk. Others found wooden boxes that went on top of the desks that would raise the keyboard, mouse and monitor.