Counseling One Another

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Counseling One Another

I Am United to Jesus

Yesterday, I shared with you some of the truths, or biblical concepts, that the Lord has been impressing upon me in recent weeks and months. Most importantly, that I must consciously think on things that are true of God, and of me–in God’s sight–rather than what my fallen nature may say to me. Instead of letting Self talk to me, I must discipline myself to talk to Self. This is true of each of us as believers. We must discipline ourselves to repeatedly speak biblical truths to our own heart so that we may think as God thinks.

One way to do that is to ask three questions of the biblical text. Here is an example of how I did that with two verses at the beginning of the book of 1 John.

1 John 1:2
What is true of God? – Eternal life is with the Father, was manifested in Jesus, the Word.

What is true of me? – I am united to Jesus. Therefore, I already possess eternal life, which Jesus said is to know God (Jn 17:3).

Lies I must repent of believing – This earthly life is more valuable than the eternal. What others think of me is more important than what God already says is true.

1 John 1:3
What is true of God? – The Father established fellowship with sinners through union with His Son.

What is true of me? – My father desires my fellowship. Jesus desires my fellowship. God delights in me.

Lies I must repent of believing – I must perform, achieve to please God. I must strive for acceptance, not rest in it as already mine. The way others love me is the way God loves me.

As one sister in Christ expressed to me this past Sunday evening, these three questions may be asked of any portion of Scripture. Try it sometime this week. Choose a few verses, read them in context, and see what truths you need to meditate on in order to shatter the lies you may believe, which influence the way that you function.

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  1. I whole heartily agree with this principle. I must not only know the truths and promises that God gives to me, but also be speaking them to myself. That will change many of my wrong outlooks on situations and trials. Speaking the truth not just to others, but to yourself as well.

  2. Talking truth to yourself. One of the key concepts that I have learned while in College and something I have been able to see change who I am. I’ve also passed this on to many friends.

  3. I often find the need to speak truth to myself, because if I dont, I so easily believe lies. I love that all of Scripture is true and we can trust it because of the God who gave it to us.

  4. Reminding myself of truth has proven so beneficial to my own personal growth, and I’ve found that counseling others with truth from God’s Word directs both of our hearts back in line with what He says is right.

  5. These three question are extremely helpful. I appreciate being able to see the correlation between the truths about God and the truths about me. The truths about me stem from either what God is for me or what he has done for me. The lies I must repent of believing are things that I need constant reminders of.