Resource Recommendation for Parents and Singles

Confused about Dating-small emailThere are many helpful books on the subject of dating and/or courtship. However, there is a mini-book from Shepherd Press that is worthy of your attention. It is brief, faithful in its application of biblical truth and examples, and is useful as a one-on-one discipleship tool (for example, a dad with his son or daughter) or for small group discussion in your local church or college ministry.

HELP! I’m Confused about Dating is written by a pastor in South Africa who cares about the decisions that young people make concerning their preparation for marriage. He is rightly convinced that many Christian young people and parents have never consciously shaped their understanding of dating with the Bible.

Let this personal, practical, fun, and, above all, biblical booklet serve as a counselor and guide as you pursue the kind of relationships that truly honor God.

“I wholeheartedly recommend the LifeLine Mini-book series! They explain the very real problems that people face in life from a solidly biblical perspective.” – Dr. Wayne Mack

Update, December 2016: Ernie Baker has just published a book entitled, Marry Wisely, Marry Well.

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