4 Reasons to Counsel One Another from Lamentations (#2)

In yesterday’s post, we thought about the fact that sin never ultimately delivers its promises. Rather, it brings only pain and misery into our lives. For sure, sin does bring some of its promised pleasure, but that is only for a moment before its grief and enslavement take hold. When this happens, we are left in desperate need of God’s mercy in the midst of our misery.

One of the reasons God gave us the book of Lamentations is to graphically picture the deadly consequences of sin so that we are driven to Jesus for forgiveness, reconciliation, and true healing. Today, we consider a second reason God gave us this little, oft-neglected Old Testament book.

Reason #2 – To reveal the hope that is found in God—His faithfulness, His love, and His mercy in the midst of such consequences (3:19–38, 54–66; and by implication 1:9b, 11b, 20; 2:20; 3:39–66; 4:22; 5:1, 19–22).

There is only one real help in suffering. There is only one genuine hope for those who know their utter hopelessness–God Himself. Looking in faith to God is the only lasting comfort in sorrow. Even if worship is washed in tears of grief, worship is the only proper response to pain. The book of Lamentations leads us to that conclusion.

Have you ever read the book of Lamentations with an eye to the faithfulness of God in suffering?

Has your small group ever considered studying the book of Lamentations?

Featured Resource for a study of Lamentations: God’s Mercy in Our Suffering  (includes Study Guide & Counseling Homework)

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