DADs 1:7 – Defusing Anger

Since dads are disciplers it is crucial for us to understand how our anger affects our children, most specifically how it corrupts and frustrates their innate desire to please us. Rick Thomas, of The Counseling Solutions Group, posted a very helpful article last week called The Angry Dad in which he counsels us well.

Here are a few quick takeaways:

  1. Children are born fearful and insecure because of the curse of Adam. If Dad is always angry at his son or daughter then it must somehow be his or her fault.
  2. Some children respond by internalizing their hurt and “going quiet” or “hiding” from Dad, perhaps behind TV or video games.
  3. Some children act out the modeled anger by seeking to maintain superiority over other children via aggression.
  4. All children have a desire to please their dad, which becomes a motivator. “If we were motivated to serve God out of fear instead of love, we would be nothing more than nervous circus performers. The angry dad creates this kind of nervousness in his home.”
  5. As dads, we should be the primary encouragers and affirmers in our children’s lives.
  6. Angry dads need help and prayer.

I strongly encourage you to read the entire article here. Be ready to be convicted. I was. But I was helped too.

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