Nuggets for Counselors [8/30/11]

Man Up! – “If art reflects culture, then we’re in need of a True Man Revolution. If art shapes culture, then we’re in need of some men exhibiting true masculinity to counter what Hollywood is pumping out.” In this article, Kimberly Wagner gives Christian women sound counsel concerning how to affirm biblical manhood.

Glorifying God with Your Cancer – John Knight shares a portion of James Boice’s announcement to his congregation concerning the cancer that God used to take him to Glory on June 15, 2000. It’s a wonderful example of clinging to the sovereignty of God in human suffering.

The Anxiety-Driven Pastor – Paul Tripp nails it in this article about how worry (fear) often drives pastors toward over-work, neglect of the most important tasks and relationships, and lack of rest. I think Tripp was a fly on my wall when he wrote this article! Here’s sound counsel for anyone who struggles with anxiety.

Vision of Hope – This past week, I again recommended this wonderful residential treatment center for women.

Unseen Stream of Redemption – Biblical counselor Jeremy Lelek demonstrates how a husband and wife who feel like calling it quits on their marriage can find hope restored.

Hospitality for Singles and Marrieds – Carolyn McCulley asks a couple in a nearby church to share their idea of promoting godly friendships in their local church through practicing hospitality.

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