Nuggets [9/24/11]

Here are 6 more posts worth your time:

What Is Biblical Counseling? – “What is “Biblical Counseling?” asks Greg Dietrich. “Maybe in its simplest form we could define it as “Biblical counseling is Christians doing what God instructs us to do as Christians—love God and love others. We love God and love others by using the Scriptures to help “anyone caught in any transgression” by helping them in restoration (Gal 6:1). This all happens in a spirit of gentleness patterned after the life and examples of Christ. Biblical counseling is God’s people doing what they are called to do.”

Rafting through the Grand Canyon – take a little God-centered vacation with Don Carson’s research assistant, Andy Naselli.

When a Young Pastor Needs Counseling… – Read this helpful post from Brian Croft who helps a young pastor through the pain of rejection.

Homeschool Blindspots – Joshua Harris points us to an article written by a homeschool father who urges fellow homeschoolers to think more biblically. Thanks, Tim Challies, for pointing out this one.

How Specific Should I Confess Sin? – “Andrew Ray sits down with Dr. David Powlison and Cecelia Bernhardt to discuss how specific we should be in confessing sin.”

Teacup Legacy – “True contentment comes differently at each stage and phase, and age of life. It isn’t so much an age that brings contentment. Age is blamed on many deficits and achievements in life. Contentment is not related to age at all. Helen Hayes said, ‘Age is not important unless you’re a cheese.’ Society tends to mandate that contentment is related to material possessions. Charles Spurgeon said: ‘It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy what we have, that makes for happiness.’

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