Grieving, Hope and Solace

When I read this book a few weeks ago, I was so moved by its thoroughly biblical focus that I just had to order a bunch to give to others (2 dozen, in fact), and they are already gone! I quickly concluded that every believer who has lost a loved one would be immensely blessed by this book no matter how much time, short or long, has passed since their death. It is such a wonderful book that turns our focus to eternity and all that God has accomplished for us in Christ.

Written by long-time pastor Albert Martin, after the death of his wife of nearly 50 years, this brief book (116 pages) will minister deeply and compassionately to your own heart and to anyone you know who is experiencing, or has experienced, grief.

Get your paperback copy of Grieving, Hope and Solace here.

Or, like I did, get it and read it on your Kindle.

Or, if you want multiple copies, or if you are not aware of the monthly subscription program from Cruciform Press then check out the publisher’s website here.

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