Lord, You are My Everything

Lord, You are my Comfort. When hard times come my way,

Your presence never leaves me. You are with me all the way. 

Lord, You are my Strength. When I grow weary in this land,

Never will I falter. I’m upheld by Your right hand. 

Lord, You are my Peace. You are the calmer of my fears.

When worries overwhelm me, Your love wipes away my tears. 

Lord, You’re my Sustainer. You hold me safely at Your side.

I will make it through the storms, because in You I will abide. 

Lord, You are my Joy. Amidst the trials and the pain,

I trust Your sovereign care. I see the Son between the rain. 

Lord, You are my Rock, my firm foundation, solid ground.

You are mighty and unchanging, You have no limits and no bounds. 

Lord, You are my Everything. Life with You is so complete.

One day You’ll bring me home to You, and I will worship at Your feet.


[Poem written by Jackie Arnoldi, in memory of her mother, Jean Pitz. Excerpted from Comfort Those Who Grieve]

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