Nuggets for Pastors & Counselors [2/9/12]

Pastoral Contentment & the Plague – Puritan Thomas Vincent “was pastoring a flock that was at the heart of the outbreak, and he was strongly urged by fellow ministers to flee the city. In one of the more remarkable cases of pastoral sacrifice, he refused. He said he would not allow any to “weaken his hands in this work.” He could not bring himself to leave his flock “in the time of their greatest need” and committed himself to the protection of his God.”

Careful & Faithful – “One last word…being careful doesn’t mean we’re advocates for the moth-ball smelling churches today’s innovators are reacting against. We deplore dead orthodoxy and cold tradition more than anyone. We want churches to submit every decision, every pattern, every model, every initiative, every tradition, and every idea to the authority of God’s Word. Why? Because doing God’s work in God’s way glorifies Christ, puts His great gospel on display, and saves and sanctifies God’s elect.” The director of Grace to You’s Internet ministry explains the careful and faithful use of technology in ministry.

David Powlison: The Pastor as Counselor – “This article is written to pastors—but it is for anyone interested in counseling.”

R. Kent Hughes on the Pastor’s Marriage – “Ministry has been a wild and wonderful ride. I am a happily married man. My four grown children love the Lord, and my eighteen grandchildren are in process. I have a terrific wife whom I love with all my heart. My children love me, and I love them. The bottom line is: Our marriage and family have flourished amidst ministry.”

10 Digital Commandments – David Murray provides important principles to apply so that we will use technology for the greater glory of God.

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