DADs 2:6 – Sing with All Your Heart…the Kids Are Watching

It is unfortunate to see how our macho-man culture has contributed to a lack of boldness in men toward things musical. One of the common evidences of this is the indifference some men display toward singing in the church. Whatever excuse may be used to explain a man’s lack of interest and involvement in wholehearted participation in worship we must recognize the impact such apathy, or pride of insecurity, has upon the children in the congregation, especially his own.

On the flipside, it is so immensely encouraging when men who love the Lord sing out to Him unashamedly, caring not what others think. What a positive impact this has on children! In this vein, I am encouraged by the testimony of one man concerning his father.

My father was a wonderfully eccentric man. He was a quick witted recluse and a virtual Picasso of mechanicalia. He worked third shift (11:00PM to 7:00AM) for 37 years (without missing a day or ever being late) so as to avoid having his talents “supervised into obscurity.” To most people outside of his family he was hard to understand and blissfully unconcerned with anyone else’s opinion of him. But despite all of that he was very overt about his faith in, and love for, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Men, please read the whole testimony here at the Blazing Center blog.

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