DADs 2:7 – Another Ring for Another Daughter

“Children are a gift from the Lord…how blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them” (Ps 127:3, 5). God has richly blessed my wife and me with six daughters and four sons. This past weekend was another daughter’s 16th birthday. For the past nine years, one of our traditions on this special occasion is for me, Dad, to purchase and give my daughter what I call “Your Heart Ring” (a nice ring w/her birthstone). So my wife and I took our daughter out to eat one evening and after the meal I presented her with the ring. She cried, of course. Inside the jeweler’s box was a small piece of paper with the following words:

Proverbs 23:26 says, “Give me your heart, my [daughter], and let your eyes delight in my ways.” On the occasion of your 16th birthday, accepting this ring from me, your father, and wearing it is a pledge that your heart will be mine until the Lord shows both of us that another man is the one He has chosen to be your husband. I thank God for making you part of our family and look forward to how He will lead you, guard you, and bless your future as you continue to learn to walk in His ways. I love you! Dad

It is an immeasurable joy for me to have daughters who have already decided to not give their heart away to just anyone, but are patiently waiting for God’s prepared man for whom they desire to remain pure (some of the older daughters refer to their band as their Purity Ring). We pray the Lord will watch over them and grant to them their heart’s desire for His glory.

Fellow dad, what are you doing to guard your daughter’s heart?

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