O Refuge Near

O refuge near, our strength in weakness, forever in His hands secure; Emmanuel, God always with us, Almighty One within my soul. I’ll never fear the roaring waters; the tempests know the One in me. The hands that hold the stars in motion are holding me in love and care.

Consider well His lovingkindness; He never will your soul forsake. Find rest in Him; yet in your resting, spend all your strength for Jesus’ sake. Look on His face, so bruised and bleeding; look on His soul that knew no sin. The God of love was pleased to wound Him when our soul’s sins were laid on Him.

Are you too strong to rest in His strength, or is your mind too wise for Him? Do riches bring more love and mercy than Jesus Christ the perfect Lamb? Does He who made you lack in power or He who died too short on love? Can you think on those nails run through His hands and claim He’s not enough for you?

My dearest Lord, Your love o’erwhelms me; my cup can’t hold the gifts You give. The pages of my life are empty for you to fill just as You wish. I want for You to write my story; blot out the words that I have penned. Fill every page for Your own glory and end it with the words, “Well done!”

[This original hymn was written by Jonathan Allston and is excerpted from Comfort Those Who Grieve.]

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