FREE RESOURCE for Equipping Counselors for Your Church

Last fall, I reviewed Dr. Bob Kellemen’s excellent resource, Equipping Counselors for Your Church. I have recently learned that he has made a truckload of teaching resources available for FREE online, including PowerPoint presentations and Appendix Documents.

The latest addition is a 4-page Word document that makes using Equipping Counselors as a classroom/training resource easier than ever. This free resource includes:

1. A sample Teaching Syllabus for Equipping Counselors for Your Church (pages 0-19).

2. A Discussion and Application Guide for Equipping Counselors for Your Church (pages 20-34).

3. Learning Objectives for each of the 4 sections and 12 chapters of the book (pages 35-36).

4. A 25-page teaching outline (that corresponds with the 5 PowerPoint presentations) (page 37-63).

You can get all these resources for use in your counseling and equipping ministries from the RPM Ministries site.

Thank you, Bob, for your generosity!!

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