This Desk Could Save a Pastor/Counselor’s Life

Earlier this year, David Murray repeatedly promoted the health advantages of stand-up desks. He even went so far as to enlist his son to produce a 2-minute video in which handyman David demonstrates how he built one in his seminary office for less than $50. He convinced me. As a result, building one for my office has been on my To Do list for many months, but it is my recovery  from hernia surgery that ultimately prompted me to “just do it.” For some reason my abdominal region no longer appreciates my sitting in a 90-degree position for longer than an hour. So, here I am typing this post while standing at the desk that just might save my life. And mine only cost $31.00! David might also be surprised that this new desk works just as well with my PC as it does with his MacBook. (Wait, did I just reveal my sin of envy?)

Just two details remain undone. A zip-tie is needed underneath to tidy up all my cords (I hate clutter!) and a larger monitor is needed for my aging eyes. Regrettably, once I get the monitor for the upper shelf, I will have to move my “Think on These Things” Visual Theology to a different wall. By the way, if you have not checked out these posters from you are missing out on a great teaching/counseling/discipleship/personal growth tool. The “Fruit of the Spirit” and “One-Anothers” are the next ones I plan to order. Consider purchasing these for your local church’s classrooms, counseling offices, or small group meeting places. The newest poster is on Penal Substitutionary Atonement. Great stuff!

Be sure to check out Michael Hyatt’s infographic too.

[Update 7/20/12 – I found my ankles and legs getting sore after a few days. Spending another $25 for an anti-fatigue matt has been well worth it. Also, stand-up desks are getting contagious around here.

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